Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Aku dan negara impianku 'Jerman', I am with the country i dream of 'Germany', Ich und das land, das ich darueber immer traume 'Deutschland'....

Jerman, Germany, Deutschland..
 August 2009, it was not in a dream land...
Goethe Kaufhaus, Weimar, Thueringen- Germany
Strassenmusikanter, very unique and odd. LOL

Goethe's statue in front of souvenir's store ;)

Weimars Rathaus- Wedung Pemerintahan Kota Weimar

Who's that?, he's beggar..

They're beggar...

woww! i took this pic with my camera!, Dresden- Germany
Guess what is this?, this is pedicab...

Die Freunde und ich, My friends and i, Aku dan teman-teman.....
Serina, Martin, Setsuko, Me and Mike
With my classmates from Bauhaus University, Weimar- Germany (Irish, Giorgy, Nikita, Emir, Francesco, Slobodan, Julia< Marta, Serina, Me and Setsuko)
With my bestfriends in welcome party (Angeliki, Marili, Kiki and Minchi)
After studying outside in Erfurt
In Erfurt, that was greattttttttt!!!!!!

When our dream comes true, there's nothing to say except ALHAMDULILLAH ;)

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